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Permanent Lips

Lips start to lose their defining border and natural colour, almost blending into the complexion as we get older. The essence of youthful lips is down to definition, color and volume. No matter how many times you apply lipstick it still comes off and shows our true lip color and shape.

Permanent lips also known as permanent lip color or lip blush, is a cosmetic treatment that enhances the beauty of the natural lips. Pigment is deposited into the skin using a cosmetic machine. Permanent lip treatment enhances the lip color and can create symmetry of the lips. The treatment also gives lips a fuller illusion without getting fillers.


Benefits Of Having Permanent Lips

There are many reasons why permanent lips can benefit people. For instance it can boost your confidence with the way you look making you feel better about yourself. Other benefits are

  • If you have an active lifestyle your lip color will not wipe off or run.
  • It can save you time and money. If you buy lipsticks and apply it regularly then with permanent lip color you don’t have to do that as it is there all the time.
  • If your lips are thinning then lip color can cheat the lip line a little outside the natural border of the lips creating the illusion of bigger lips.
  • If your lips are noticeably asymmetrical then permanent lip color can create the illusion of symmetrical lips.
  • If you have allergies to lipstick then with this treatment you can look like you’re wearing it without actually having to wear lipstick. (It is highly unlikely you will be allergic to the pigment as it is made of most natural components.
  • Some people have naturally pale lips or this may have gradually happened as people get older. With permanent lips we can help bring color back to your lips.


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