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I’m Nicolas from Dominican Republic, Living in Central Jersey. I became a Barber in Dominican Republic as a hobby and then it turned into my Passion. When I came to USA, I started to investigate how to get my own Barbershop. I enrolled in cosmetology school when I got my license I bought the shop I was working in and then bought 2 more. But after some time I was looking for more. As a barber I noticed a lot of people losing their hair and I wanted to do my best to find a solution for this problem. I started to look into Scalp Micropigmentation. I found one of the pioneers in the industry Erik Roberto; I went to take classes in his company Gerow Hair Ink, with a group of talent people like Juan and Jonathan, who helped to prepare me with the skills necessary to provide SMP as a service.

A year later after lot women started asking me if I can do their eyebrows, I decided to learn more about the procedure (Microblading). A friend talked to me about Paula Yepez and her school JMP. I enrolled in the school and after getting my certificate I started working on eyebrows, eyeliner & lips; helping women go from having no eyebrows to full eyebrows. That gome fully into Micropigmentation, It’s amazing to see how happy people are once they sit in my chair and then see their finished procedure. People cry from happiness, they can’t believe how good they look

Being a Master Barber for over 10 years helped me to reach the level where I believe I have the knowledge to help the people to choose a better style for them, I love to help people not only look great but also gain their confidence back.