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SMP for scarring

What is Scalp Scarring?

Scarring is the bodies natural way of healing or replacing damaged skin and is unlikely to have hair growth. Scarring of the scalp is most commonly caused by injury, surgery or hair transplants.

Hair transplant scars are very common in this industry and there a two different types. Follicular unit transplantation leaves strip scarring and follicular unit extraction which will leave small sparse individual scarring.

How can Nico Scalp Help you?

Scalp micropigmentation can be used to disguise scalp scarring. Implanting pigment in and around the scar to blend the replicated follicles with the existing follicles, will then disguise and conceal the scar,  hiding it by as much as 90%.

A lot of scars are raised and with scalp micropigmentation the procedure can help restore health to the injured skin which can flatten the scar also helping make it less noticeable. Scalp micropigmentation will also resize and reshape the scar, again helping to camouflage it.


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